About "The Legend"

Fin & Feather Resort has a history and tradition unrivaled by any other accommodation on Toledo Bend Lake. Its strong roots are embedded deeply in the tranquil lake and neighboring Hemphill, Texas.

Laying the Groundwork

In the late ‘60s, soon after construction began on Toledo Bend Reservoir, developer George Pickett decided to build one of the best lodges on the lake-to-be. To this end, he searched for just the right land and found it outside the community of Six-Mile. Surrounded by Sabine National Forest, the hilly, wooded acreage presides over the best part of the lake for fishing and boating.

Ramping Up

Construction on Fin & Feather began before the lake was completed. The boat stalls and deep-water boat ramp were in place before water even flowed into the lake. But once the lake filled, the water line was higher than the builder had anticipated.

This miscalculation, however, was a blessing for the boat ramp. Now when the lake level drops, the ramp remains useful when most others are "high and unusable".

Fin & Feather Then…

The '70s became Fin & Feather's heyday. As many as 60 fishing guides worked the resort year 'round. During these times, fewer people owned their own boats so they relied heavily on fishing guides who provided boats.

The resort attracted a lot of fishermen, those eager to learn and oil executives who entertained clients on the lake. Legendary local fisherman and professional guide Lloyd Lacy recounts, "They used to bring ‘em in by the bus load”.

…And Now

After the oil bust in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Fin & Feather went through a period of change. The new millennium, however, saw the resurgence of the resort.

Today, with the lake’s steady popularity among numerous tournament fishermen, Mr. Lacy contends that Toledo Bend is “possibly the best, heavily fished lake in the U.S.”

Once renowned as the biggest and best resort on the lake, Fin & Feather finds itself in that top place again and will continue living up to its legend as the best resort on Toledo Bend.